Pre-Approval or Pre-Qualification With a Credit Check?

Dear Friends,

          Now that spring has officially sprung, you may have been getting the inkling to get back into the housing market. Maybe you have been thinking about listing your home for sale and upgrading to your next one? If so, don’t wait until that perfect house comes on the market to get pre-approved. Although, we are very willing and grateful to be of assistance, and we are always on call; you will benefit by getting your documentation to the lender ahead of time. For one thing, you will receive (or you should receive) a variety of official Dodd/Frank Loan Estimates for the loan program(s) and price ranges that you qualify for and desire. Therefore, you will feel more comfortable in knowing what the down payment, monthly payment and costs are prior to making an offer. Additionally, your loan application documents will have been reviewed, and verified. As a result, you will be officially “pre-approved” and your offer will stand out against the “pre-qualified” buyers as a result.

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Pre-Approval > Pre-qualification with Credit Check

There is a difference between a bona fide pre-approval, and simple pre-qualification and credit check. After all, if you can get pre-approved in just 8 minutes, you just may not be pre-approved?