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As a Mortgage Lender Since 1997, I am very knowledgeable in Conventional, FHA, VA & Rural Development loans (RD Loans). I can explain in layman terms the differences in loans, and help find the best option to fit your needs. Read more for a synopsis of each loan I specialize in. This is a very limited description, usually a more thorough discussion is advised for a prospective buyer to gain more knowledge and understanding each program.

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MSHDA Program

MSHDA is an acronym for “Michigan State Housing Development Authority.”  Its mission is to “enhance economic and community vitality through the housing and historic preservation activities.” We are a participating MSHDA lender, offering FHA, VA, USDA-RD and conventional loans combined with lower than market MSHDA rates, and/or MSHDA Down Payment Assistance. These programs are for first time home buyers, but in many cases, may be available for prior homeowners.  Please contact me for details on the various programs, and to see if you qualify for MSHDA financing.

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Over the years, people have come to me to refinance for financial reasons or personal reasons. In response, I can say with all certainty, that I have talked more people out of refinancing, then to proceed with a refinance application. A Refinance Must Make Sense! Just because some of your friends might be refinancing, or a couple of people at work are refinancing, doesn’t mean refinancing would necessarily make sense for you. A refinance can be done with very little costs, to no costs, to even negative costs, so that the refinance starts paying for itself on day one!

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